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This is not going to help the swimsuit search.

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Part of my daily routine is reading the newspaper comics each morning - at least, it used to be. I fell behind at some point and then felt overwhelmed in getting back into it. Finally I've started trying to catch up, reading one month's worth every week. In the process, I've discovered something I feel terribly guilty about - I missed the day when Cathy stopped running. But I've been making up for my failure to commemorate that event in the form of something that would make her guilty - chocolate cake. A year back or so, I purchased a Cathy-shaped cake pan, manufactured in 1983 by Wilton Industries [a company based in my hometown of Woodridge, Illinois!]. On a recent trip to San Francisco, I tested it out with the help of my buds Hannah and Becca:

Cathy cake

Click here for the final picture of the Cake in all its glory.

And now a lumpier, more patriotic Cathy:

Patriotic Cathy